Types of Slots and How They Work


While some people play slot machines for the anticipation and hope of winning the jackpot, others simply play for fun and the social aspect. No matter what your motivation, you are likely eager to beat the odds. So, let’s look at the different types of slots and how they work. The first type is called Classic three-reel slots. These are the most traditional types of slot machines. They use three reels and pay out based on the number of paylines that are displayed on each reel.

Video slots

Playing video slots is easy and simple. The gameplay is similar to regular slot machines, and they can have a wild symbol or scatter play. They also offer multiple paylines, which gives players more variety. Whether you’re a first-timer to online slots or an old-school fan, video slots can make the most of your time. They are fun to play and offer a high-quality visual experience. In addition, video slots are easy to update and change.

Progressive slots

A good example of a progressive slot is the Hall of Gods. In this slot, the reel symbols are substituted for shields, and the player will choose one of three jackpot prizes. Depending on the denomination, a player can win a cash prize, or one of three mini pots. This interactive feature makes the game much more interesting, and players will find themselves glued to the machine for hours. However, players should keep in mind that there is no guarantee that they will win, and the jackpots are usually lower than average.

Carousel slots

The basic rules of Carousel slots are simple. You need to match three or more symbols on adjacent reels in order to win. You can place a minimum bet of 20 credits and a maximum bet of 720 credits per round. The paytable features a 720-ways mechanic and allows up to eight regular symbols, plus two bonus icons. The payouts on regular symbols typically range from two to two hundred coins. The scatter symbol and bonus wild symbol both pay out up to a thousand coins.

Classic three-reel slot machines

If you prefer the classic style of slot machines, you will love classic three-reel slot games. These games often lack high-tech graphics and animations and are fast-paced, so they’re great for people who prefer to keep things simple. These three-reel slot games also feature basic bonus rounds, making them ideal for those who like to play games with bars and bells. While they’re simpler, classic three-reel slots are still a lot of fun to play.

Pick’em bonuses

If you love slot machines, you’ve probably noticed pick’em bonuses on them. These bonus rounds are designed to increase your level of engagement and boost your odds of winning. Usually, you’ll be able to win a lot more in these rounds than if you’d bet the minimum amount. Here are some examples of pick’em bonuses on slot machines:

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