GASTEC BG AD carries out consulting, research and design of the technical infrastructure in the fields of water supply, gas supply and telecommunications as well as the related system installations.

Our team is composed of designers with different specialties, all of them certified by the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design.

We are able to offer individual or complex solutions depending on our clients specific needs:

-          Modeling of the hydraulic calculation of  pipeline systems

-          Design of transfer gas pipelines and automatic gas regulating stations (AGRS)

-          Design of distribution water and gas pipelines and devices for the pressure reduction and measurement of gas consumption

-          Design of electrochemical protection systems for steel pipelines

-          Spatial plans for pipeline routes out of urban areas

-          Geodetic surveys

-          Supply with propane-butane or natural gas of sites not connected to the gas supply network

-          Design of automotive fuel stations for compressed natural gas

-          Design of gas installations of residential, public and industrial sites

- Designing of communication systems connected with the telemetric service of the gas distribution network and offering high speed access to triple play services to the end consumers.  

The transfer and distribution gas pipelines, devices, installations and appliances, operating with natural gas are considered to be high danger devices under the Act for Technical Requirements for Products and are a subject of technical supervision at their design, installation, maintenance, repair and exploitation.