The gasification prevented 10 500 tons of toxic emissions in the atmosphere.


10 500 tons less emissions of toxic substances have been emitted for a year over Varna thanks to the switch from traditional fuels to natural gas. This was announced by the deputy executive director of “Varnagas” Rumen Totev. The company sold 8 million cubic meters gas by the beginning of the year to its consumers in Varna. The same amount is expected to be sold by the beginning of next year. For the whole year, this quantity has replaced 6000 tons of diesel oil and over 3500 tons hard fuel used for heating. 55 corporate consumers and 600 households have been connected to the gas distribution network of “Varnagas”. By the end of 2007 they are expected to be over 3000. The 55 companies saved 5,9 million BGN due to the use of natural gas. In the household gas consumers the savings total at 320 000 BGN, which makes 270 BGN less spent for heating per household for a year.

The long term plans of “Varnagas” up to 2016 include the construction of 352 km. gas transfer network, as well as gas supply to 53 000 households and 360 companies. 2007 is announced by the company as a null investment year. During 2007 the efforts will be aimed at the consolidation of the network of consumers, which is barely 4% in Varna said Rumen Totev.