“GASTEC BG” AD – The Bulgarian centre for gas technologies was founded in 1995 with shareholders OVERGAS and GASTEC NV Netherlands, with an activity focus on the support of the ppfake process of standardization, material certification, pipeline systems, consumption meters, safety control systems, devices and processes, tests and checks, research and development activities, consultation and certification of quality management systems and training of specialists.

In its first years the primary goal of the company was the research and the adaptation of the experience of the Netherlands in the gasification of populated areas. During that time a significant number of standards were translated and adopted and leading specialists obtained access to the modern European know-how in this unfamiliar for our country field.

Within the range of the active legislation in this period, “GASTEC BG” AD carried out technical supervision of the gas pipelines constructed by OVERGAS, inspected existing gas pipelines, trained and certified specialists and companies for work with natural gas.

Since the start of 2001, “GASTEC BG” AD have been certified by the “State Agency for Standardization and Metrology” to carry out technical supervision of internal gas installations in residential, administrative and public buildings.

In April 2002, the "Designing" activity developed in OVERGAS since 1992 was added to the structure of "GASTEC BG" AD. As a result of the development of the gasification of Bulgaria, the service of designing of internal gas installations was introduced in 2000.

2003 marked some significant events for the development of the company:

  • Inclusion of an “Ecology and Sustainable Development” department in the company’s structure
  • Establishment of a “Training Centre for Gas Technologies” licensed by the “National Agency for Professional Education and Training”
  • The certification from the “State Agency for Metrology and Technical Supervision” of the mobile metrological laboratory for checks of natural gas consumption meter – a unique device for Bulgaria the use of which is a result of the fruitful cooperation with GASTEC NV Netherlands

Adhering to the development strategy approved by the shareholders, today “GASTEC BG” AD is a company with over 60 highly qualified employees and is a leader in the field of gas technologies in Bulgaria.