"GASTEC BG” AD is a young and modern company which has proved itself as a leader in the field of gas technologies. We employ specialists with proven professional qualities. Many of them have received their higher education and extra qualifications abroad. They have participated in the design and construction of transport and distribution gas and oil networks on the territory of Bulgaria, Russia, Syria, Libya, Iraq, the Ukraine and others.

We own high-production equipment and we use modern technologies.

Our policy is aimed at:

-          Strict adherence to the legal regulations and norms

-          Innovation and reliability in each activity

-          Satisfaction of our customer’s needs.

-          Guarantee of ethical, loyal and honest mutual relations

-          Constant increase of the qualification and competence of our employees


With its activities, “GASTEC BG” AD supports the ecology policy of OVERGAS, which has the following priorities:

  • Increase of the share of the ecologically clean fuel – natural gas in the energy balance of the country.
  • Decrease of the harmful emission in the atmosphere
  • Preservation of the nature and the improvement of the condition of the environment in the territories situated in the zones of construction and exploitation of gas distribution networks.
  • Provision of safe exploitation of the gas distribution networks and healthy and safe working conditions of the personnel.